Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beauty alert

Hi all,

         How are yu ppl doin? Hope all are great and enjoying their holidays. It's summer in India and I can see tender coconuts in huge numbers on road sides. I can never compromise the goodness of tender coconuts with soft drinks n sodas. I had been completely busy with my baby that I had lost nearly 4 kilos! But I am proud to say that I have moved a step ahead in parenting and motherhood.

         My kid has become so naughty that my house looks like it's been affected by some tornado or tsunami! I feel exhausted at the end of the day and there he is, getting ready for another round of naughtiness. I needed some time off my regular schedule. I needed to be left alone. All I needed was just 5 minutes of time spent in calmness and tranquility. But it seemed that achieving this was almost impossible. I was completely stressed out. I badly wanted to escape from these situations. But I was unable to. It was then that I decided to fly back to my parents place. Now that I am in my parents' place, they take care of my baby, while I take care of my blog :) Yay!!

          So let's get started. I have lots in store for you. It's no wonder if I write 10 posts a day :) All thanks to my parents for taking care of my baby :) Today's topic is about India's NO:1 preferred drink- tender coconut water :) Tender coconut water not only aids your body in re hydration, but also keeps your skin away from acne, black marks n sun tan. So let's see how this works.

1. Facial Mask: 

          1. Mix half cup of tender coconut water to 1/4th of orange powder (preferably Fuller's earth).

          2. Add a small quantity of saffron to it. Adding saffron is optional but produces glowful results when mixed with tender coconut water.

          3. Add two drops of lemon and one tbsp of glycerin to the mixture.

          4. Apply this mask to your face and wash it off after 20 min.

 Saffron maintains your skin tone, while glycerin tends to keep your skin soft and supple. Lemon removes tan while coconut water oxidizes your face and adds rich look to it.

2. Hair Straightener:

           To keep your hair naturally straightened, spray pure coconut milk onto your scalp and hair for 5 min. Take a comb and brush your hair straightly removing the locks. Once you are done, wash your hair and then lightly spray the milk once again on your hair. Repeat this process each time you take head bath. The more you repeat, the longer your hair will be straight.

3. Pregnancy: 

           To increase the count of amniotic fluid, mix a small quantity of saffron to one glass of pure tender coconut water. This will not only increase amniotic fluid, but will also help in oxygen supply to the baby.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hair rejuvenating lotion

Come one come all!!

                    This post is dedicated to each and every male and female! So spread the word to near and dear ones so that they too can prepare this Homemade, Natural oil that lasts for years and does not produce any side effects. Most importantly, they do not swallow or gulp down your money. So let's grab this opportunity!

                     To create your own awesome hair oil/lotion, all you  need is

                                                            1. Coriander powder

2. Curry leaves

3. Curry leaves seeds

4. Dried hibiscus flowers


Pour a few spoons of coconut oil in a pan and let it be on heat for ten minutes.

Once the oil gets heated, add the dried hibiscus flowers. You can add any variety of hibiscus flowers. But for the best results, use only the red ones as they are said to have high medicinal value when compared with other varieties.

Before adding the hibiscus, removes the stigma (long stem like structure) and other parts of the flower. See to that the flowers are nicely dried for three to five days.

When the flowers get heated, they start to shrink in size. Add a handful of curry leaves at this point. The curry leaves tend to fry too soon. Simmer down the temperature when you add the curry  leaves.

You can stop with the above steps once the curry leaves shrink and begin to release an aromatic smell. Your homemade hair oil is ready to be used. But I have gone a bit further and added two more products to this hair oil that has made it into an essential oil.

To make your hair oil into an elixir, try adding these two ingredients. You will be astonished to find a great difference.

Once the boiling oil gets an aroma of curry leaves, mash some of the curry leaf seeds and add it to the boiling oil. Curry leaf seeds contain more oil content and helps in hair coloration. The more you add, the better the result. I have added two whole fistful amounts of curry leaves in my oil since my hair is jet black and I want to maintain the same color. You can skip this step if your hair is red/brown.

Let it boil it for 10 to 15 min. Meanwhile, stir the oil nicely and carefully so that all the ingredients come in contact with one another and kind of stick together. This helps in releasing a strong aromatic oil that contains all the flavors of the ingredients.

Finally, add some coriander/ coriander powder to the oil and let it boil for another 15 min. This is because coriander powder aids in preventing hair loss and also cleans your scalp from dandruff and bacteria.

Since I have added coriander powder, I skipped adding neem oil. You can also add some basil leaves to it as it is a very good natural antibiotic that helps in protecting, smoothing and conditioning your hair.

So your elixir is ready!! Go ahead and apply it whenever you feel like. But see to that you do not add too much of coriander powder as your oil might turn into a paste. If your oil has become a paste, use it as a conditioner.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Your inner world defines your beauty-III

Hi everybody,

                In continuation with the previous post, I am going to share my diet chart and other tips as how I maintain my health and beauty simultaneously. So far, you have seen me posting tips for beauty on the exterior. But what is beauty in the interior? Is it something that is to be inherited from our ancestors? Is it something that we need to strive hard to achieve? Or is it something that only a few lucky ones can achieve? Definitely No. The answer is YOU.

               Yes, you read it right! It's absolutely YOU. Let me make it straight and clear to you. To have beauty reflected on the interior is completely dependent on you. So, how is this even possible? Many of you would have wondered at this very statement. But relax :) It's not going to take years or months, but just moments to achieve this.

                To start with, the secret to inner beauty is nothing but focusing and concentrating on yourself while trying to take control of your thoughts and actions. You are result of your thoughts and actions and this can be well contemplated on your face. When you fill your mind with positivity, your face will be bright and young. When you feed negativity to it, your face will be dull and down. You can check out on your own if you do not believe me.

              To achieve focus and concentration, you need to strike a balance between the mind and the heart. When you quiet the mind, you can hear your soul. Interesting, isn't it? The only solution to achieve this is through meditation.

Yoga and meditation are the two main things that I do Regularly early in the morning. Since I am a mom now, I am unable to concentrate like before. But I do take care of my health and body whenever I find time. I meditate for at least 30 min a day. I think almost everyone know the process of meditation- sitting quietly with your legs folded and palms opened.

But the meditation I do is entirely different from this, although it can be done even in this way. My way of meditation can be done at any time in any position. I learnt it in Reiki class (Reiki is the method of healing one's spiritual self by removing their negative energies. You can Google about it to know more.) At the end of the day, I calmly sleep in one fixed position on my bed and close my eyes. I then concentrate on my thoughts without cutting them. I allow all the thoughts to run in my mind-good or bad. Finally, this takes one to a state where they can experience a conscious sleep, i.e, hearing and noticing every minute detail in their sleep. The beauty of this meditation is that you can even set your own alarm in your mind (say 6:30) and just sleep in a fixed position and meditate.

You can find yourself waking up at exactly 6:30 the next day without any physical alarm. I have been practicing this method for the past 15 years and the results are simply awesome. Do try this and experience inexplicable results which are beneficial for your mind, body and soul.

Once I am done with my regular meditation, I then start my yoga practice, which I do for about 40 min. The first and foremost after my warm up includes Surya Namaskaram or the 12 Sun Poses.

The 12 Sun poses area very powerful tool to empower our mind and body. Apart from keeping our body fit and fab, it also keeps our mind strong, balanced and focused. After this comes my breathing exercises and a couple of other exercises. 

So this is my daily time table that I follow for a healthy life style apart from beauty tips. As I said before, your inner world defines your outer world. When your inner side is strong, your outer side becomes beautiful. So follow these healthy tips to create a beautiful and a new you. 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bye bye dandruff. Hi beautiful hair!

          A big hello and hi to everyone who are reading this post. I must say that people who are reading this post are the luckiest as what I am going to share today is a powerful tool against dandruff. A tool? Did I say tool? Yes, of course!It would have been better if I had described it as weapon. But my heart wanted it this way :) So what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

           Most of you would be aware of a routine treatment with lemon to cure dandruff. But lemon alone cannot control dandruff. The acid content in lemon will be sufficient to hold dandruff up to 6-7 washes. But once the acid content gets down from your scalp, dandruff once again gains entry. So what's the perma cure for this? Simple!! It's once again pure Indian Ayurveda :) Since I am an ardent follower of Ayurveda techniques for almost everything, I wanted to bring out the importance of it and spread it as far as I can so that each and every one who stop by my post will be benefited.

           For the perma cure, all you need is
1. Lemon juice (half of a lemon)

2. Curd


3. Pepper powder

4. Egg shell

To a few table spoons of curd, add seven to eight drops of lemon juice.

Leave it aside overnight.

Add half of a table spoon finely grounded pepper powder to it and mix well.

Finally, ground the egg shell finely into powder and mix it.

Apply to your scalp and leave it aside for 15 min.

Wash it off with a mild alkaline based shampoo.


You can also add cilantro and coriander juice to this. Coriander juice maintains the color of your hair irrespective of the texture, while cilantro juice adds aroma soothing your mind and body, thus relaxing you.

If you feel you cannot hold too much of acid content, try reducing the quantity of lemon juice to 5 to 6 drops or much below. Since I am an Indian, I need to have at least 6 to 8 drops of lemon juice based on the climatic condition.

See to that you do not add too much pepper powder as it can cause redness and irritation on your scalp. if you feel that pepper powder is unnecessary, you can totally skip it.

So this is it for today my dears! If you find my post informative, please share, re-share and comment below as it keeps me motivated to bring many more interesting and informative posts to you. Meet you in next post!

Until then, take care :)

Love you loads :)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Your inner wolrd defines your beauty-III

Hi all,

           So this will  be the final part of my tutorial "Your inner world defines your outer world."In this particular post and the next forth coming post, I am gonna share some of the daily yoga poses that I practice and the diet I follow regularly. So keep reading my posts so that you can gain an insight to a healthy living life style.

           OK. So to start with, I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and complete my morning rituals. As soon as I am done with brushing, I drink two glasses of lemon mixed with honey in water. The result- A flat tummy and less risk of acquiring Blood Pressure.

           Once I am done with it, I wait for five minutes and then get onto the yoga mat. Now, I just want to be clear here. Sometimes, I combine Pilates with Yoga when I need to concentrate on a particular area like knees or joints. It's because I love pilates and yoga equally and have fun in doing both at the same time.

           I warm up for five minutes and then start off with breathing exercises.  I am extremely sorry that I cannot publish any of my yoga pictures. It's because I am not having enough time to get photographed since I need to look after my son. Being a new mom, I am still getting adjusted to certain things and I am kind of adapting a strategy to maintain a little amount of time for myself. So my apologies to you in advance.

         Once I finish the breathing exercises, I concentrate on Pranayamam, a powerful yoga technique that enhances my mind, body and soul. This relaxes my mind completely and makes me confident to face my day with glee. I will be sharing about this in detail in the next post. So do not fail to check it out. I then do push ups for flat abs and then start off with some Pilates. I see to that my Pilates is just a seven minute session so that I can focus more on Pranayamam and other exercises.

        I practice pranayamam for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then comes my favorite part- Surya Namaskaram or the so called 12 sun poses that is extremely helpful for your entire body. Surya Namaskaram consists of 12 poses, benefiting knees, back bone, back, arms and stomach. I have listed a few benefits that I know. But I am pretty sure that there are many more benefits apart from this. For those who are not aware of  Surya Namaskarams, you can just search the internet so that you can gain an insight from it. And that makes one hour of my day so much productive!

Once I am done with my yoga session, I immediately consume a handful of green gram and black-eyed peas sprouts so that energy gets added to my body instantly. I also eat a whole banana and have a glass of carrot juice so that my body gets re hydrated and is kept fresh throughout the day.

Sprouts have high protein content and are natural products. I hope you all are aware of how to make sprouts. You can make your own sprouts with ground nuts, black chick peas, pearl millet, red millet etc. So this is my diet chart and my daily yoga schedule! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Do follow this as it is very beneficial. Always remember, sharing is caring:) So share and re share it. Follow me to my next post right away!

Your inner world defines your beauty-II

Hi lovelies,

            Hope you all are having a great time and leading happy lives. I am unable to catch up with my posts regularly as the amount of naughtiness exhibited by my son is directly proportional to the amount I get myself distanced from Internet. We all love kids. Indeed, who does not? But when it comes to mischief, I become a screamer who goes completely nuts and crazy. I get irritated to the peak level and show it on my hubby. It was then that my hubby suggested to take a long and relaxing bubble bath. He gifted me an assorted set of epsom salts to fade away the stress, irritation and tension. And the cost? A fortune!

           I was bewildered with the cost. I searched the internet for alternatives and I found quite a handful of tips . So today, I will share with you how to prepare your own bathing salts and enhance your beauty. But remember, to be beautiful outside, you need to have peace and tranquility on the inside.

To make your own bathing salts, all you need is
  • Grounded coffee powder
  • Sea salt
  • Essential oil (I used olive oil)
    Easy, isn't it? With just these three ingredients, I have made my own bathing salts and you can make one too. Coarse grind the coffee or chicory nuts in a mortar-pastel or in a mixer grinder. I did it in mortar-pastel as they give aromatic results that are very mild.

     Add half a cup of sea salt to the coarsely grounded coffee powder and mix it well. See to it that the mixture is in a 1:2 proportion with coffee being in a higher ratio. Now add your favorite essential oil or flavored oil and stir it well. Viola! Your bathing salt for daily use is ready! You can also add lavender oil if you want your bathing salts to be aromatic.

So try it out and let me know how it worked. Remember, sharing is caring :) Please do share the posts as it keeps me motivated! Follow me for the next post right away!

Mint speaks it all

Hi everybody,

         Hope you all are doing fine. Before I ask how are you, let me ask you a serious question. Do you sleep contentedly? Is your sleep cycle uninterrupted? Do you have a sound sleep? If the answer is a big No, then do not feel sorry, for you have landed on the correct blog where I post many tips for a sound sleep. In this post, I am going to list out the benefits of Mint or Pudina to our skin and health. So join me as I bring forth to you some amazing benefits of Mint.

Benefits for skin:

To get softer and smoother lips, apply two leaves of fresh pudina leaves to your lips for two minutes. Squeeze the juice of the leaves on to your lips so that it acts as a moisturizer aiding in smotthing of your lips.

Problems with dark circles? Don't worry! Take two spoons of mint juice and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply it in circular motion around your eyes and let it dry for 15 min. After you wash it, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated since the aroma of mint enhances your brain cells and wades off even the slightest traces of insomnia.

To two spoons of mint juice, add three drops of lemon drops and apply it on acne affected spots on your face, neck, arms and shoulders. Mint aids in reducing pigmentation of the skin and also preventing acne.

Also applying mint juice on your face helps tighten your skin and removes bacteria and open pores. It revitalizes your skin with it's natural herbal value. You can apply as many times as you want, as it does not have any side effects :)

Boil mint and basil leaves and store the water in an air tight container. Use it as a toner whenever needed. This water does not only act as a toner, but also acts as an SPF blocking UV and harmful sun rays. Get set Go!!

Health benefits:

Suffering from insomnia or depression? Here's a solution:

Keep two to three fresh mint leaves below your pillow for an hour or so. When you are about to sleep, flip the pillow so that the aroma from the mint leaves makes you to get a sound and release sleep throughout the entire night :)

To reduce itchiness on your skin, dab a few drops of mint juice on the affected area. This will relieve your skin from burning and itchiness and acts as a coolant on your skin.

Many women suffer with cracks on their heels and feet. Even though getting a pedicure proves fruitful, one cannot get a pedicure quite often. The best way to treat cracked heels is to apply a few drops of mint juice, lemon juice and olive oil to the affected parts. Leave it on cracked heels over night. Repeat this process daily before you go to bed. You will notice dramatic changes. The cracked heels tend to close on its own leaving a smooth and soft texture on your skin.

Adding a dash of leaves or a few drops of mint juice in your diet can detoxify your system and increase oxygen supply to your body.

So that's it for today my dears! There are umpteen number of benefits with mint. But I have chosen to post only the best tips. So feel free to add your valuable suggestions on mint if any, so that we can make this an interactive session.

Keep reading my posts, sharing and resharing them so that everybody can be benefited. Meet you in next post.

Until then, take care :) Love you loads :)